tuTors and Colleagues

Bill Wright
Illustration has been a passion of mine for years - I love it!  

I’ve taught design, drawing and illustration in the USA and UK, starting soon after architecture school.  In 2007 I became an Associate Lecturer in the BA illustration program at Central Saint Martins, London. I continue to teach there in both the BA program and on three short courses.

I’ve worked as an architectural designer and illustrator, a production (set) designer and presently draw storyboards for commercials, TV and films.  I’ve drawn thousands of drawings for clients, but with every new job still feel the sense of excitement I did with the first one.

draw/paint/click/illustration! is an independent endeavour of mine, the first time I’ve taught outside the ‘umbrella’ of a university.  It’s been a challenge, but I’m utterly thrilled to be connected with so many talented, motivated people world-wide, all of us focused on this great creative subject, illustration!

I was born in New York City but now reside in London.

supporTing tutors

Alice Tait
An amazing illustrator now taking her images world-wide, and a wonderful help over the years with all my classes - in this class via video
Sam Walker
A fine artist who’s also worked on magazines and newspapers.  She brings a valuable perspective in her critiques of student illustrations via videos and in the ongoing coursework gallery.
Andrew Hall
Head of illustration at Central Saint Martins, he has contributed his ideas to this online course and his reviews to course videos.
Sion Ap Tomos
A freelance illustrator, past BA tutor at Central Saint Martins and my teaching partner on our ‘live’ course 1,2,3s of Drawing. Here with us in videos.
Sarah Plane
An Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert who teaches Photoshop at Central Saint Martins.  Sarah is on hand to answer difficult Photoshop questions.

my colLeagues

A fantastic (if small) team of talented people.  They’ll be helping you (if you enrol) solve any problems with the site, links, access, navigation, Photoshop, art materials and assignments.   They know the course website and methods inside-out. 

Mel Rye
Mel is head of the Art Department at St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, a supporting tutor on my ‘live’ course and is developing her own illustration practice.  Mel is the most patient, careful and responsible creative person I’ve ever known.  If you’re on the course, you’ll be in good hands with Mel keeping her eye on things and assisting you with problems - if any - you encounter.  Mel’s made several valuable videos you’ll see on the course.
Sophie Lawrence
Sophie took my live illustration class and is now a Special Lecturer assisting with it.  On the online course, she’s often the first to spot difficulties and make sure they are dealt with.  Technical problems like access, passwords and so-on are infrequent, but if they’re  y o u r  problems, you’d like help with them as soon as possible, and Sophie makes the ‘soon’ sooner, rather than later.  Also, learn some cool ink-and-brush techniques in Sophie’s video about how she illustrated her cat.