Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and Participation in draw/paint/click/illustration! 


                  In these terms and conditions, ‘I’ and ‘me’ refer to the student enrolling.  ‘You’ refers to those persons and entities that own, manage and/or operate draw/paint/click/illustration!  Course refers to draw/paint/click/illustration!


                  I understand and accept that the course is recently created and that, though it has undergone tests, there may still be minor parts being improved or added.  I accept that a small percentage of content could be missing or incomplete. 

                  I’m enrolling in the course in order to learn from and participate in it.  I’ll behave in a respectful way to others taking the course and you.

                  I understand that posting comments on other students work is an important part of the course.  I will join in commenting constructively on my course-mates’ posted work and comments of others.

                  Any images I post on a site operated by you shall remain my property, however I am permitting their use by you for educational purposes or in connection with promotion of educational courses.  Such uses are to include (but are not limited to) uses in print, online, in videos or in any explanation of the workings or development of the course.

                  You will not sell or license my images for commercial gain unless agreed to in writing by me.

                  I understand that sites for posting student work operated by you include gallery pages that are part of the course website, Facebook groups or pages established by the course, other display sites on social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram.  By posting an image or comment I’m agreeing that it may be posted on any site operated by you for posting student work or partially for that purpose.

                  Images created by me will be credited to me when they appear on any site or publication under your control.  If I don’t want images credited to me by name, I will edit my profile to remove my last name or disguise my name. 

                  If I don’t want to be credited for images or comments I post on a Facebook group established by the course, I will either avoid posting work there or I’ll open a separate ‘incognito’ Facebook account that does not reveal my identity.  I will inform you of my incognito Facebook persona so that you can admit me to the group.

                  If I don’t want my work shown on a public site, I won’t post it.  By posting work I’m agreeing that it may be viewed by the public, whether I opt out of being credited, opt for pseudonym credit or opt for my name to be shown in public.

                  Any images or comments I post on a site operated or established by you may be removed from that site by you for any reason.

                  Images of mine may or may not be included in given sites where you control which images are displayed.

                  I am paying for the course as it was described in promotional materials at the time of my enrolment.  I understand that details of the course may vary from the description on course promotional materials, but you represent that in general substance the course will include what is shown on the course homepage.  I’ll be entitled to a full refund for 14 days after paying for the course for any reason.  I’ll also be entitled to a full refund if I request a refund prior to the start date of the course.  To obtain this refund I’ll email the course and request it.

                  If I believe I should be entitled to a refund more than 14 days after paying for the course, or after the start date of the course (whichever is later), it shall be your prerogative to refund part of the amount based on the portion of the course that has been available to me online, or all of the amount  I paid, or offer an alternative time for taking or completing the course.  In such a case I agree to and offset or fee of £10 to cover the administrative cost of making these arrangements.

                  I understand that it’s impossible to predict  the learning or image making outcome of the course and that different students will achieve results.  I’ve been made no promises regarding what the outcome of the course will be for me.