Studio Classes

Welcome to my Studio Class Page.  These are small one-afternoon classes that take place at my workplace on Goodge Street, W1, London. With a maximum of five students in each class they're informal and friendly!  Some details:

  • Classes focus on one topic - see list below - on a given afternoon.
  • If a date's not shown next to a topic (below), email me regarding which topic you'd like to take a class in.  We'll set one up on a date your available! 
  • The first half of the class will have learning materials presented in a structured way.
  • The second half of the class you can do an assignment I'll provide, work on something of your own (with my input), discuss a project you're working on, have a portfolio review, or ask to be shown something, whether handmade or in Photoshop.
  • Small groups. Costs vary. Email and ask.  
  • I've used most of these class's learning materials at Central Saint Martins, but my Studio Casses are independent of the school.

Please email me if you’ld like to be part of a class!



Patricia Sodré

Learn the keys to storytelling that will enrapture your audience and keep them engaged.  How to work with suspense, forshadowing, continuity, passion, conflict, adventure, audience demographics, pacing and lots more.   How to establish sequence of visual images that draws the audience lyricly through a story. 

Illustration - Shade, shadow
Maria Colino
Shade, Shadow, Highlight

Shading brings flat images to life, creating depth and a sense of realism.  But shade, shadow and highlights can also be establish mood, inject fantasy, humour, fear, cheer and a sense of place.  Shading can be based on observation, imagination, can be full on or incidental. Learn, explore.

Color Colour Theory
Master Colour Theory and Make Great Colour Choices!

Make the perplexing subject of colour suddenly much clearer.  Tint, hue, saturation, chroma, value - what do they all mean and how can they help you understand the millions of colours in the world?  Learn about colour theory, colour composition and the interaction and functionality of colours.  Let this understanding help you use colour in striking, enrapturing or subtle ways.

Saturday 26 Aug 1PM
Point of View
Point of View

Determining point of view - POV -  and proximity is absolutely key in creative image-making. You’re inventing a scene, but what direction will it be seen from and how close will the viewer be?  Examine how point of view creates drama, intimacy, grandeur, apprehension, humour, symbolism and more.

San Gimignano sketch
Bill - Location sketch
Observational Perspective

People drawing or painting real locations are often unable to ‘get it to look right,’ and this is likely to be because they're struggling with observational perspective.  Demystify this aspect of image making with easy to apply methods you can use when drawing objects, locations and groups of people.

Constructing perspective
Bill - In-class sketches
Constructed Perspective

Understanding some simple basics of perspective as you lay out a view on paper is easier than you might think and can be used effectively in drawing both real and imagined views.  You’ll also be made familiar with simple drafting tools that can be helpful in constructing perspective and in many other drawing situations.

Sunday 19 Nov 1PM
Illustration as business
Bill - Money montage
The Professional Practice of Illustration

How do illustrators establish themselves, and what is life as an illustrator like?  Who works freelance and who has a job? We’ll cover these questions and also briefs, clients, deadlines, fees, usage, portfolios, illustration agencies, invoicing and more. If you’re a past CSM Illustration short course student see note.**

Illustration Style
Lisa Laffredo
Establishing your Style

Your illustration or artistic style is an essential in establishing your professional credibility. You might think that being able to work in style a, b and c would be an advantage for a freelance illustrator, but the opposite is true. Find out why and how an individual style can be nurtured, developed and made to work for you.

*Class typically have 2 to 4 students and last 4 hours.  Duration may vary +/- 30 minutes for more or fewer students.

**A note regarding the Studio Class 'Professional Practice - Illustration': if you are a past student in the CSM short course Enhanced Illustration or Illustration Workshop, this is the same professional practice material and discussion you had in that course, so repeat it only if you want to go over it again.